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Thank you for your interest in The Private Investigator Consortium.


This is a FREE private networking group. There are no fees or costs. The only two requirements are that you're a State Licensed Investigator, verifiable through the appropriate state licensing agency and you invite other licensed colleagues to join our growing network.

Please review the Member Code of Conduct below. If you accept these terms, submit your request to join in the Message Box at the bottom of this page. Include all of your business contact information and your state license number.

Once your information has been received and approved, you will receive an email invitation to join the groups private networking, email List Serve.

Again, thank you for your interest in The PI Consortium. We look forward to networking with you!


The following rules apply to the PI Consortium listserv as well as others sources of PI Consortium internet / social media network.

(1)  This is a private online group intended to be a free networking resource; it is not a "for-profit" or "nonprofit" organization.  We reserve the right to add and remove members at will.

(2)  Civility is the key to our success.  Demeaning or defamatory comments will not be tolerated.  We enforce a zero tolerance for racism, and the various forms of bigotry.  Additionally, please avoid unnecessary hot topics such as politics, religion, etc.

(3)  The List Serve is NOT to be used for settling contract disputes, or taking them public. If a dispute arises between members, they should be mediated privately, or settled through the appropriate legal venue. It is suggested that if you do not use contracts, prior to the performance of work, submit all case contract details in the form of an email which becomes an implied contract that can be argued in court.

(4)  Sharing personal and/or confidential case information is prohibited.

(5)  Requests for illegal and/or unethical services is prohibited.

(6)  This group is NOT intended to be a platform for making disparaging comments about other groups, associations and/or individuals.  Keep it professional , keep it moving forward!

(7)   This FREE networking group is not a platform to promote other associations and/or their services.

By requesting to join the group, it is implied that you have read and agree with these terms. 



Success! Message received.

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